Ambrosia is an attractive medium-sized apple, with a pink-tinged orange/red flush over a yellow background.  As such, it is very much in tune with the modern preference for “bi-coloured” apples.

The flavor is pleasant and sweet, but one-dimensional in that there is no acidity to balance the sweetness – which is not necessarily a bad thing of course.  The texture is essentially crisp, but not as crisp or hard as a Braeburn or Jazz – it is more the slightly softer crunch you might find in a Golden Delicious.  Ambrosia benefits from being kept chilled and eaten from the fridge, because the crispness fades fairly quickly once it is left in the fruit bowl, and at this point it can become slightly pear-like.  If you wanted to pigeon-hole Ambrosia, it is best thought of as a red/orange colored Golden Delicious with a flavor which is not quite as sweet.  Certainly anyone who likes Golden Delicious but wants something a little bit different will like Ambrosia.