Vertical Integration:

From the moment that CNP receives the seed to the moment the apples leave the orchard, CNP is in complete control. This vertical integration leads to significant benefits  most prominently quality control, efficiency in operations and cost savings provided by economies of scale. Using its association with world class nurseries and in future through state of the art plant breeding and propagation facilities, CNP  will ensure that only the finest quality specimens ever get planted. From there, the growth and development of the orchards is handled internally, ensuring that the trees that have been so carefully bred are being handled properly. And finally, to ensure that control for the complete life cycle of the apple, the fruit is processed in CNP facilities to take the final step in ensuring that only the finest quality product leaves CNP’s control. CNP is not only involved in the development, growth and processing of its fruit because beyond its agricultural processes, CNP also handles all of its marketing and logistics internally; thus further ensuring total control in both quality and efficiency.

High Cultivar:

High density orchards are being used with a variety of good cultivars which have latest root stocks ensuring high production and at a faster pace; resulting in early revenues and cost efficiencies.

Highly Experienced Management Team:

CNP is run as a professional business operation, focused on establishing long term competitive advantages.

The management teams include MBAs from US Ivy league schools with myriad of experience and top tier management consulting, capital market and financial services industry experience.

The orchard operations are managed by highly experienced horticulturists in close association with some of the best scientists hailing from top universities. They have extensive experience and know – how of orchard development and global farming trends and techniques. 

The top managers are successful entrepreneurs and have established international business and exposures.

CNP Certification