Current Job Opportunities

Marketing Manager:

Canadian Nectar Products located in Montague, PE is looking for a marketing manager for the fruit farm. This is a full-time, permanent position. The duties are as follows:
  • Initiate the development of a short-term and long-term marketing strategy that supports the company’s objectives and revenue goals.
  • Initiate market research and develop new strategies to promote the farm.
  • Manage the development, production, and implementation of marketing plans that target the retention of the current customers and acquisition of new clients through a variety of channels and media (ex. TV, radio, and social media advertisements)
  • Oversee the execution of the marketing plan, paying close attention to the allocated budget and project timelines.
  • Evaluate the outcome of the implemented marketing strategies.
Compensation: $72,800.00 annually (35 hours/week)
Position Status: Open
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