CNP specializes in orchard plantation, pre and post-harvest management, fruit processing, distribution, supply oriented agricultural produce and other horticultural endeavors. The company is targeting to expand to 1000 acres productive high-density plantation in PEI. CNP is committed to supplying the consumers with high-quality fruits across the world.

CNP is also actively participating in various forums and forming alliance to assist its fellow local horticulture farmers to provide them tools, techniques, cost-effective supplies and product distribution networks that will enable them to be much more profitable. Based on Market Research, CNP estimates the total economic impact in terms of local employment and supplier industry initiatives to be approximately CAD 100 million.

CNP has a professionally managed and highly efficient orchard operation approach, where processes, procedures and controls are very clearly defined and documented. All experience are codified as best practices to be leveraged for future use. CNP is using latest technology, including satellite image analysis, irrigation, pest-control, agri-operation and seed technologies to ensure a efficient fruit production operation.

Former Agriculture and Fisheries Minister province of PEI , Canada - Alan McIsaac picks the ceremonial first Apple at CNP Farm
Former Agriculture and Fisheries Minister province of PEI , Canada - Alan McIsaac picks the ceremonial first Apple at CNP Farm
Apples at Canadian Nectar Products farm
Lawyer J. Gordon MacKay on ceremonial apple picking event at Canadian Nectar Products farm

CNP has developed strong partnerships with international logistic suppliers, and distributors to ensure that its production reaches directly to the retail network, and is able to demand higher value for its products. In due time, it also has a plan to reach directly to the consumers. 

Its vertical integration strategy permits CNP to operate at more than one level of the distribution channel enabling greater control over the fruit business value chain. The growing demand by consumers for consistent quality fruit shaped a standardized farming initiative CANADA G.A.P. CNP orchards have acquired CANADA G.A.P certifications and our project team is currently rolling out processes and procedures for future CNP orchards. This standardization is realized in every aspect of our business through Internationally accepted HACCP and iCiX standards for cold chain processes – packing plants and logistics respectively. CNP is focused on optimizing all levels of its business approach, in particular by leveraging a high density planting system for increased and early produce resulting in better revenues per acre of plantation.